In 1970 MMC Armory became a prime contractor for the U.S. Government in building high-grade military components. Since that time, MMC has taken that experience and firearms knowledge to the civilian market as well.

MMC is operated by enthusiasts and shooters of all levels and is proud to provide quality parts and components to other firearm enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide quality components at great prices so everyone can take advantage of our 2nd amendment rights. 

Most recently, MMC combined with its sister brand, Omega Tactical Distribution. OTD was built to take care of Dealers/wholesale business, supplemented by some retail sales. Now, with MMC and Omega combined, the future is bright for our awesome customers, both dealer and retail alike! 

The new team coming over from OTD is excited to work with our awesome MMC Armory customers, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store.

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